IT Support and Managed Services In Boston. Is it right for you?

5 Ways Boston Managed IT Services Can Save You Money And Aggravation

How does your business use outside IT services? The most common way is to call for service when something crashes. Is using managed IT services a better choice for you and your business? Let’s take a look at 5 ways it is better.

Less Down Time – What happens today when a critical workstation or server goes down in your office? Things come to a standstill, right? Managed IT services can be used to monitor critical equipment and watch for warning signs. Your systems usually give warning before they crash, but you may never notice them. Those warnings are often hidden in alerts that a managed IT service team would spot and call you to plan for fixing the hardware before it fails.

Lower Costs – This might surprise you, but managed service clients often have lower costs than companies who choose to only call when they have problems. How can that happen? Your service is done remotely, when possible, eliminating travel time and added costs. You can plan service around your schedule reducing lost time costs.

Off-The-Clock Updates – Installing updates on your servers and workstations can waste hours and money, especially in the middle of the workday. Managed IT services allows those updates to be performed remotely and when your employees are not working. The managed service team can update multiple workstations and servers simultaneously, instead of one-by-one while your employees attempt to keep working.

Faster Response Times – Most Managed IT Service contracts include priority service for both remote and on-site service. If something goes down without warning, you need it fixed now. Your IT service technicians can quickly check the situation remotely, but if it needs on-site service, they get someone on the way fast.

Working As A Team – One of the biggest advantages is your managed service partner becomes part of your team. You feel comfortable calling them whenever a question or concern comes up. The opposite is true, too. If they detect anything looks unusual, or spot ways to improve your performance, they call to let you know, instead of waiting for you. You start working closely together, just like having a full-time IT department in your company, but at much lower costs.

Managed IT services often seem like a luxury to small businesses. In reality, the service can increase your productivity, lower stress and reduce your costs. Maybe it is time to take another look to see if Managed IT Services is the right choice for you.

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